Oil diffuser bracelet creation

Oil diffuser bracelet creation is a stylish and handy way to get the benefits of aromatherapy throughout your day. You can buy them from popular sites like Etsy, but this project is also quite easy to make at home for a lot cheaper.

Essential oils have several benefits, including their ability to invigorate, relax, and positively change mood. They are used in various treatments, including for headaches.

Making a diy diffuser bracelet is a simple, budget-friendly way to make your space smell fresh. You will need some air-dry clay, Stretch Magic cord, beads of your preference, and a few other supplies (paint pens, scissors, etc).

You can customize your bracelet with gemstone beads. You can choose to use beads that are meaningful (matching either a personal or spiritual affinity) or you could use them for their healing properties.

One way to do this is by picking up some air-dry clay and rolling it until it is ball-shaped and about the same size as your beads. Repeat this process to make as many beads as you would like for your bracelet.

These beads will absorb your oils and diffuse them. Embossing them or adding a pattern on top is an extra option.

Gently make a hole in the center of one batch of the clay balls using your wooden skewer. Leave them to dry for 24 hours. Repeat this with the other batches of clay beads.

Cut the Stretch Magic in a length that is about twice the circumference of your wrist. String the charms on it and secure your creation by using knots.

When you have enough beads to cover the circumference of your wrist, you can use a surgeon’s knot to tie the two ends of the stretch cord together. Cross over the two ends, and then wrap the right-hand piece of cord over two times.

Pull the ends tight, so the beads are close together. Keep this first knot tight and then repeat the process to finish off, making sure to maintain a tight knot. Trim your loose ends. You may like to add a little bit of glue for extra security.

To finish the bracelet, use a jewelry crimp bead. Thread one end of the cord through one side, then thread the other end of the cord through from the other side.

When you pull the ends of the cord, the beads connect and a crimp bead joins them together to keep it tight. Trim these ends just enough and cover up this crimp with the natural edge of a crimp. This will result in an aesthetically pleasing final product.

You can wear the bracelet as is or add your favorite essential oil blend to the clay beads. Add a few drops to the inside of the clay bead. Many essential oils shouldn’t be applied to the skin undiluted. Diluting in a carrier oil and applying to the opposite side of your body is one way to use them effectively.

Once the aroma of your essential oils wears off, you can simply re-apply or combine with a new scent. I think this DIY diffuser bracelet would be perfect for outdoor parties in warmer weather. Even better, add essential oils that act as bug repellents!

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