Create a glitter painting

Supplies needed to create a glitter painting are a small painting canvas, acrylic craft paints and mod podge glue along with various colors of glitter and a acrylic clear sealer. I also experimented with some tools called paint writers that let you use acrylic paint to make thin lines or you can also try using puffy paint for the outlining step as it is a pretty cool material to work with.

Find an image to use as reference then transfer the image onto your canvas. You may be able to draw it freehand or trace it if your not confident in using your drawing skills. Illustrate shapes on the canvas with various colors of paint. I used vector images because they have one color for each shape in the image.

Fill the whole surface with as many colors as you want and let it all dry. Dump the pile of glitter on your canvas into a glitter tray and blow on your painting to get off the extra glitter. Now you want to spray your painting with some clear acrylic sealer so that the glitter doesn’t brush off. To make the shapes really pop and the image more defined we want to outline the shapes in your picture in black. You can use the paint writer applicator to create thin lines but if you’re working with a simpler design or one that’s fairly detailed than puffy paint would be better. Complete all the outlines in your painting and then give it one more coat of acrylic sealer.

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