Handmade vintage cork wreath

Searching for a fantastic present for those white wine enthusiast buddies? How about creating a handmade vintage cork wreath. Have you been saving your corks? Well, I have the perfect little task for you, that your friends would certainly like! 1. Tie twine around straw wreath for hanger. 2. Making use of craft stick, apply… Continue reading Handmade vintage cork wreath

Making slime from products at home

Sludge … youngsters enjoy this stuff. Well, I was making slime from products at home with my young close friend Mariah. This was fun, therefore simple. You do not have to invest a lot of money to make this stuff, you probably currently have the active ingredients in the house. This is what we used… Continue reading Making slime from products at home

Wood engraving as an art

The essentials of timber wood engraving are just the same. The only distinction is in the method the wood is carved or reduced. Your initial step is to collect your tools and also products. This consists of: The style you wish to create Stencils as required Composing utensils Clamps or various other tools, such as… Continue reading Wood engraving as an art

Create a glitter painting

Supplies needed to create a glitter painting are a small painting canvas, acrylic craft paints and mod podge glue along with various colors of glitter and a acrylic clear sealer. I also experimented with some tools called paint writers that let you use acrylic paint to make thin lines or you can also try using… Continue reading Create a glitter painting

Creating birdhouses from gourds

Why not take some time and start creating birdhouses from gourds. You know you want to make your deck perfect but give the birds a break because they might rearrange things if they select it as their house. Align the door with the bottom of the gourd and then adjust accordingly for size. Make an… Continue reading Creating birdhouses from gourds

Oil diffuser bracelet creation

Oil diffuser bracelet creation is a stylish and handy way to get the benefits of aromatherapy throughout your day. You can buy them from popular sites like Etsy, but this project is also quite easy to make at home for a lot cheaper. Essential oils have several benefits, including their ability to invigorate, relax, and… Continue reading Oil diffuser bracelet creation

Newest craft painting with beads

Newest craft painting with beads is a new style of art. The diamond-like plastic stones are used to create detailed art that can be fun to do or make a great gift for someone. Completed designs come alive with a stunning gleam when adding the beads to the canvas of which is not difficult and… Continue reading Newest craft painting with beads

How to make a handmade leather wallet

Nothing is more masculine than the sense of pride you get from making a handmade leather wallet with your own two hands. It’s such a relief to build something and have it be part of your life. But there’s nothing worse than thinking you’ve purchased an expensive item with your hard-earned money just to find… Continue reading How to make a handmade leather wallet

Craft supplies and storage ideas

Here are some craft supplies and storage ideas ideas to help you with organizing and storing your craft supplies. Everything storage The space under your bed or in a kitchen cabinet could be put to good use if you installed more shelving. Thrift and flea market finds Vintage and flea market finds make great vessels for… Continue reading Craft supplies and storage ideas

Crafts that are trending now

Starting a craft business at home is relatively easy if you do some research on crafts that are trending now. There’s no need to rent a retail space, commute to work, spend money on utilities, or deal with employees and set hours. The best part about running your own at-home business is that you’re in… Continue reading Crafts that are trending now