Creating birdhouses from gourds

Why not take some time and start creating birdhouses from gourds. You know you want to make your deck perfect but give the birds a break because they might rearrange things if they select it as their house. Align the door with the bottom of the gourd and then adjust accordingly for size. Make an… Continue reading Creating birdhouses from gourds

How to build a fairy house

Fairy houses are endearing and creative structures that come in various shapes and sizes. Some are intricately detailed while some have a lighter touch. They can withstand the seasons or be built just for the weekend, depending on your needs. At previous festivals, we’ve had “Fairy Disco’s”, “Fairy Ferris Wheels”, and “Eye Doctor’s” If you… Continue reading How to build a fairy house

Bird nest earrings

This is a unique little craft you can do with a little patience and creativity.You’ll need the following to complete the bird nest earrings project.To make the earrings or necklace fist buy the following items. A pack of fish hook earrings. Thin bendable wire comes in all sizes and colors. Plastic beads in the shape… Continue reading Bird nest earrings